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at the heart of the French Riviera

Celebrating Your Marriage

St Michael’s offers you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding in a most beautiful setting close to several exceptional venues for receptions.

As this will be a religious ceremony of the Church of England, at least one of you must be a Christian and you will both be expected to make your vows of fidelity, unconditional love and intention for your marriage to be life-long in order to reflect the Sacrament of Matrimony – a sign of the reality of God’s love for his people and Christ’s love for his Church.

In the case of wedding ceremonies, St Michael’s follows the law and practice in France of requiring couples to have a civil legal marriage. You will be required to provide documentary proof of such in advance of any church ceremony.

If you have already been married for some time or are celebrating an anniversary you may wish to have a special blessing or renewal of vows service at the church.

Please contact the chaplain for more information and advice on using the church and planning a celebration of your marriage…

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