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 Baptisms and Confirmation


The Rite of Baptism for infants, children or adults, is extremely rich in prayer and symbolism. It is the way we embark upon the pilgrimage of life as a disciple of Jesus Christ and, receiving the Holy Spirit, we become members of Christ’s Body the Church.

Please contact the chaplain if you wish to be baptised or to have a member of your family baptised.

Confirmation is one of the Church’s three initiation sacraments and is conferred upon those who wish to develop their personal commitment to the faith of the Church and the Christian way of life. It usually follows a period of study and culminates in the confirmation ceremony presided over by one of our Bishops. Confirmations need to be planned well in advance and may take place in any of the Anglican churches on the Côte d’Azur.

If you are interested in being confirmed, please contact the chaplain…

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