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 From the Archives

Bomb Damage at St Michael’s

During the second World War a bomb came through the roof of St. Michael’s, directly over the sanctuary. Thankfully the bomb did not explode.

You will see from the third picture in the gallery below that the painting of the “Ascension” came out of its mounting. We were very fortunate that it was not damaged beyond repair.

It is interesting to note that many people assume this beautiful image of the ascending Christ was painted directly on to the wall of the church but the photograph clearly shows this not to be the case.

The main photograph, on the right, shows the sanctury with its ornate screens that were removed in recent years. These screens have been preserved and are still visible in St. Michael’s today.

Included also is a photo taken from the garden showing the roof damage from the outside.

The damage caused that day is still evident in the sanctuary area as the floor is damaged and uneven.

The repair to the marble in this most important area of the church is one of the projects that we would like to address when funds allow.